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Sold complete with pontoons and storage trestles included in the price.


Edon TS515 Single Scull. The most affordable sliding seat rowboat available today.

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The Virginia Rowing Company

7406 N Shore Road
Norfolk, Va 23505

Tel: (757) 620 9975



We keep getting asked for covers and other accessories and as we find suitable high quality items at reasonable prices we add them to our sales lines. Please note that prices do not include tax or shipping, shipping is however included in the shipping cost of your Edon boat if the accessories are ordered at the same time.

Edon Boat Cover - at $184.00

This cover is ideal for keeping your Edon snug and clean if you store it outside. Made from high tech water resistent and UV blocking fabric with no metal parts to rust.

boat cover

The cover slips over the top and sides of the boat and wraps around the underneath and then is secured using the integral straps. An easy and quick solution to outdoor storage. For car topping the cover has a red flag attached to the stern end to warn others of overhang.

Covers for other boats and kayaks by length:

9 ft to 12 ft 6 inches - Price $139.00

12 ft to 15 ft - Price $163.00

14ft to 16ft - Price $174.00

18ft to 20ft - Price $194.00

20ft to 22ft - Price $204.00

22ft to 26ft - Price $215.00


Lashing Straps - at $12.00 per pack of 2

lashing straps

Quick and easy to use, these cam buckle style lashing straps are rated for 300lbs. 1 inch wide, 12 feet long and made of super strong polyester webbing. Sold as a pack of 2.


How to Order:

To order please call us on (757) 620 9975 and we will be pleased to take your order. If you would like us to call you, please email us your telephone number to
Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard. or of course by check or cash

Car Racks: Please note we do not sell car rack or storage solutions but we can provide advice on car topping your Edon rowing boat. Please click here.


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